Research projects

Markus Raetz: Catalogue raisonné of sculptures, objects and installations

Led by
Katharina Ammann, Franz Müller
Katharina Ammann, Andrea Arnold, Franz Müller
«Catalogues raisonnés of Swiss Artists », volume 31

Project description

SIK-ISEA has great experience with the production of catalogues raisonnés devoted to historical artists. In the case of Markus Raetz, born in Bern in 1941, the focus of research is a contemporary artist. Raetz is one of the best-known figures in contemporary Swiss art and can now look back over more than fifty years of distinctive creativity. The aim is to compile a printed catalogue raisonné of all sculptures, objects and installations by Markus Raetz, accompanied by a detailed research apparatus. Art historians will analyse individual works and sets of work, explaining their techniques, methods and iconographic aspects and examining them in the context of both Raetz’s œuvre and contemporary art. Estimates suggest that there are about 1000 pieces which qualify as works. The project will also include a large number of studies (drawings and sculptures), designs and maquettes. The printed version of the catalogue raisonné is to be complemented by an online version.

Bildnis des Künstlers als Schreibmaschinist, 3.5.1970, typewriter, punch with carbon paper, 27,3 x 20,3 cm, private collection

Mit Griff, 1963, diverse materials (metal, glass, porcelain and much else), 40 x 44 x 9 cm, private collection

Goppenstein, 1966, synthetic resin paint on wood, height 122 cm; variable width, private collection

Tori, 1968, two-colour silkscreen on hardboard, 42 x 53 x 2.2 cm, private collection

CK-Variationen (Die Schweiz), 1984, eucalyptus twigs, pinned to a wall, approx. 170 x 250 cm, Kunstmuseum Winterthur

Zeemansblick, 1988, zinc sheet on wooden chassis, 74 x 118 x 4 cm, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, La Jolla

Hasenspiegel, 1988/2000, wood, painted, mirror, wire, 20 x 60 x 19.5 cm, private collection

Silhouetten (für Ernst Mach), 1992, cast iron from wooden model, mirror, height of head: 27.8 cm; diameter of mirror: 32 cm, private collection

SI – NO, 1996, brass, height: 7.8 cm, private collection

The project was supported by:

  • Mania und Bernhard Hahnloser, Bern
  • Monique Barbier-Mueller, Genf
  • Thierry Barbier-Mueller, Genf
  • Burgergemeinde, Bern
  • Hess Art Collection AG, Liebefeld
  • Jubiläumsstiftung der Schweizerischen Mobiliar Genossenschaft, Bern (Online-Version)
  • Kultur Stadt Bern
  • LARIX Foundation, Bern
  • Thomas und Rita Meyer-Pabst, Zürich
  • Ruth & Arthur Scherbarth Stiftung, Bern
  • Silvia und Bernhard Schmid, Zürich
  • Swisslos / Kultur Kanton Bern