[auf Englisch] International Workshop

The Space of Display

When: 26 September 2014
Where: SIK-ISEA, Zollikerstrasse 32 (near Kreuzplatz), CH-8032 Zurich


Contact and RSVP: Ms. Nadine Helm at no later than 23. September 2014

The international workshop The Space of Display seeks to explore the complex interdependencies between the display of objects and their spatial containers. Concepts of framing and displaying are pivotal to the history of western painting, but how do these concepts extend to the architectural space surrounding the objects on display?

The Space of Display

On the one hand, our inquiry sets off from the assumption that architecture has served as an apparatus of display throughout history, and that this aspect has indeed been a crucial aspect of architectural thinking and design in various epochs and building typologies. On the other hand, we aim to explore the meaning of “display” not only in terms of the presentation of images and works of art, but also address the demonstrative functions of pictures and artifacts themselves. Our objective is to investigate visual display with particular regard to its spatial dimension, and to theorize different forms of spatial display in terms of both aesthetic efficacy and their specific historical conditions.

The Space of Display is a joint initiative by the NCCR Mediality research project The Art of the Display and the Swiss National Science Foundation Professorship project Architectures of Display. It is co-organized by the research groups of Prof. Dr. Martino Stierli and Prof. Dr. Tristan Weddigen in collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Art Research SIK-ISEA. The event is open and free to the public.