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Membership benefits:

Friend and Student (CHF 100 and CHF 40)

  • invitations to lectures, conferences and guided tours 
  • invitation to the General Meeting with presentation of a current Institute project 
  • informative newsletter several times a year
  • detailed Annual Report describing all academic and cultural activities at the Institute
  • Our Library can also be used in the mornings from 9.30 until 12 noon. You are welcome to take your break in the Salon vert and adjoining loggia on the ground floor of Villa Bleuler.

Sponsor (CHF 250)

In addition to all the above benefits:

  • a book published by SIK-ISEA as an annual gift
  • invitation to the end-of-year reception and keynote address


Individuals (CHF 1000)
Companies (from CHF 1000)
In addition to all the above benefits:

  • visits to private collections and exhibitions
  • exclusive cultural tours abroad

To discuss other options, including enquiries about becoming a patron:
T +41 44 388 51 32

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