Fellowships at SIK-ISEA

From 2008 to 2016 more than 20 fellows conducted research at the Institute thanks to a programme with third-party funding. We still welcome guest researchers.

The SIK-ISEA Fellowship Programme, funded by foundations and private donors, enabled researchers from home and abroad to spend up to three years at the Institute. The fellows benefited from a stimulating environment and an efficient research infrastructure, including archives and a specialised library. Fellows from other countries were accommodated in a building once used by the artist Franz Rederer (1899–1965) as his home and studio.

Since that programme came to an end in 2016, interested scholars have still been able to apply for a residency at the Institute and to make use of our research infrastructure. Eligible candidates must be engaged in a project that already receives third-party funding and will be seeking to benefit specifically from their presence at SIK-ISEA in order to advance their work. Applications should be sent straight to the Director’s Office at SIK-ISEA.