Photography of artworks

We use the latest technology to photograph paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and installations – in our studio or at a site of your own choosing. Apart from reproduction photography, we specialise in scientific techniques such as multispectral photography and photogrammetry for in-depth analysis and documentation.

Digital reproductions with very high resolution: unknown artist, Porträt des Freiherrn Hektor von Buol (detail), undated, oil on canvas, 85 x 75 cm

Colour accuracy to meet Metamorfoze guidelines (ISO 19264-1): Max Buri, Mädchen mit Puppe (detail), 1908, oil on canvas, 50 x 34 cm

Taken in our studio or at your chosen venue: Dave Bopp, Debris, 2020, mixed media, 205 x 170 cm

Raking light photography as groundwork  for restoration: Cuno Amiet, Das gelbe Kind (detail), 1912, oil on canvas, © D. Thalmann, Aarau, Switzerland

Raking light image: unknown artist, Jungenbildnis, undated, oil on canvas, 29.4 x 24 cm

Digital reproduction: unknown artist, Jungenbildnis, undated, oil on canvas, 29.4 x 24 cm

Infrared spectroscopy for scientific evaluation: Ferdinand Hodler, Die Empfindung, 1901–1902, oil on canvas, 193 x 280.5 cm

UV fluorescence imaging for scientific analysis: Ferdinand Hodler, Die Empfindung, 1901–1902, oil on canvas, 193 x 280.5 cm

Photogrammetry, 3D scanning and visualisation: unknown artist, Madonna Figur, 1970s, wood carving, height: 46 cm

High resolution orthomosaic, drone image: Augusto Giacometti, Weltkarte (detail), 1931, fresco, 9.5 x 17.4 m

Digitisation of analogue photographic media. Transparent media from 35mm to 8x10” with very high resolution and IT8 colour accuracy. 35mm slide positive: Varlin, Bahnstation in Territet, 1936–1944, oil on canvas

35mm slide positive: Varlin, Gebäude, c.1946, oil on jute, 70 x 190 cm

Consultancy for digitisation project management: Augusto Giacometti, Rosen auf gelbem Grund, 1943, 19 x 24 cm

Our services include:

  • Digital reproductions of two- and three-dimensional artworks with very high resolution and certified colour accuracy to Metamorfoze quality (ISO 19264-1); images can be supplied in various formats and upon request as prints
  • Raking light photography to identify painting techniques, damage or retouching
  • Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) makes the properties of surfaces more visible
  • Multispectral imaging beyond the visible range, such as infrared reflectography, IR transmission spectroscopy and ultraviolet fluorescence to identify underdrawing, alterations and the material properties of artworks
  • High-resolution 3D photogrammetry using visible infrared and ultraviolet to map and measure two- and three-dimensional objects for the virtual exploration of artworks, variable resolution, warp-free
  • High-resolution drone photography for 2D and 3D mapping of indoor and outdoor objects not easily accessible for inspection and mapping, variable resolution
  • Efficient digitisation of transparent analogue photomedia, such as slide positives, to very high quality standards and IT8 colour accuracy 
  • Consultancy and project support for the digitisation of collections and artistic estates 

We will be happy to advise you and to send you a cost estimate. We look forward to your enquiry.


Martin Stollenwerk, Head of Photography
T +41 44 388 51 75;
Appointments by arrangement