Examinations and authentications

Our art technologists are not only concerned with restoration projects, condition reports and damage assessments. They are also involved in answering scholarly questions and helping to provide information towards the dating and attribution of artworks.

Usually they look at the technical structure of the work, the nature of the materials used and the ageing processes they have undergone. It is particularly important here to distinguish between the original substance and later additions (such as retouching or any later “artist’s marks”). Depending on the questions asked, they might collect and evaluate indications of when and where the work originated. Technological examinations of works attributed to Swiss artists are carried out in close teamwork with our Expertise and appraisals unit.

Case study: Authenticity examination of a painting
Case study: Multispectral analysis of a painting

Depending on needs, this work is carried out with the help of the equipment and procedures available to our Restoration and Scientific analysis units.

So that we can put together the right examination strategy for you, we suggest you make a personal appointment to discuss the questions you have.


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