Digital documents

Catalogues to travelling Swiss Art Association (SKV) exhibitions, 1842–1961

These catalogues, now also in digitised form, document the “Turnus” exhibitions organised by the Schweizerischer Kunstverein between 1842 and 1961. These travelling exhibitions were hosted by several cities in Switzerland in the course of a year, sometimes with fluctuating content.

The digital collection of “Turnus” exhibition catalogues by the Swiss Art Association (SKV) is derived from the holdings in SIK-ISEA’s library and consists of 248 catalogues, some illustrated; however, there are some gaps. A complete index of the SKV’s “Turnus” exhibitions can be found in: Paul-André Jaccard, «Turnus, Expositions nationales suisses des beaux-arts, SPSAS, SSFPSD, Expositions Nationales Suisses: listes des expositions et des catalogues», Zeitschrift für Schweizerische Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte, Revue Suisse d’Art et d’Archéologie, Rivista svizzera d’Arte e d’Archeologia, vol. 43, no. 4, 1986, pp. 436–459 (online access)

The digitised catalogues (PDF) can be browsed and searched for any keywords/names (full text search).