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Art & branding. Principles – interaction – perspectives

Art & branding. Principles – interaction – perspectives Art & branding.
CHF 48.00
Hans-Jörg Heusser / Kornelia Imesch
Date published
Zurich: SIK-ISEA
ISBN 3-908196-40-X , ISSN 1660-8712


Preface: Hans-Jörg Heusser / Kornelia Imesch, Contributions by Juerg Albrecht: Duchamp’s «Fountain»: branding (as) art. The history of a ready-made and its artistic aftermath and From TM to © and back againRegula Freuler: Reality is simply a matter of presentation. On digital art projects and branding, Walter Grasskamp: Luke paints the avant-garde. The prehistory of art-isms, Kornelia Imesch: ‘Messages from the sorcerer’s apprentice’ or ‘brave branded world’: an introduction and The art of appropration in three ‘takes’, Franz Liebl: From branding goods to hacking brands. A beginner’s guide to the brand universe, Holger Liebs, From Nike to MoMA. Brand-building and -processing in the ‘theseum’, Manfred Schwaiger: Art sponsorship: ‘art’ as saletainment, Wolfgang Ullrich: Art and brands: who learns from whom? Brands – competing with art, Philip Ursprung: Architecture as a branding device, with summaries.

outlines, Vol. 3, 16 x 23 cm, 232 pp., 98 b/w illus., 9 b/w charts, Paperback, CHF 48.-, Zurich: SIK-ISEA, 2006