Board of Trustees

ad personam members

  • Harold Grüninger, Dr. (chair, legal counsel)
  • Andreas Beyer, Prof. Dr. (deputy chair, research)
  • Guido Fürer, Dr. (bursar)
  • Katharina Ammann, Dr.
  • Janet Briner
  • Urs Lanter (chair of the Association for the Promotion of SIK-ISEA)
  • Albert Lutz, Dr.
  • Regine Sauter, Dr.
  • Caroline Scherb


ex officio members

  • Barbara Basting, Head of Fine Arts, City of Zurich Culture Department
  • Dorothea Christ, Prof. Dr., Head of Higher Education Unit, Education Department of Canton Zurich
  • Luca Tratschin, Dr., Deputy Head, National research unit, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) (Observing Guest)


Management representative

  • Roger Fayet, Prof. Dr., Managing Director of SIK-ISEA


  • ggm+partner Wirtschaftsprüfungs AG