Conservation & restoration

Examining and conserving paintings from six centuries

Our conservation and restoration workshop in Zurich is equipped with the latest technology for dating artworks and establishing their authorship, for planning conservation or restoration work, or simply for satisfying academic curiosity. Tried-and-tested art technological examination methods range from inspecting the surface of an object under a stereo microscope to creating and evaluating technical photographs – which can sometimes reveal surprising information.

Unknown scribe, Initial V, Assumption of Mary, fragment of an antiphonary, c. 1300, paint and gold leaf on parchment, 22.5 x 17.6 cm. Left: full view under top light; right: detail in raking light 

Unknown artist (Nuremberg), Virgin Mary (detail), c. 1500, oil-based paint on wood, 115.5 x 41 cm. Left: before restoration in visible light; centre: in the x-radiograph; right: interim condition during restoration 

Canaletto, Basilica Santa Maria delle Salute, c. 1750, oil paint on canvas, 48.5 x 35.5 cm. Left: in visible light; right: in the x-radiograph, rotated 180° 

Unknown artist, Frédéric-Robert Meuricoffre and his Wife Henriette Hillmer, c. 1779, oil paint on canvas, 76 x 61 cm. Left: in visible light; right: in the x-radiograph

Anton Boch, Portrait of Maria Beltinger, née Roth and Portrait of Anselm Beltinger, c. 1871, oil paint on canvas, 53 x 41 cm. Left: before varnish removal; right: after varnish removal 

Augusto Giacometti, Crocuses in Flowerpots, 1932, oil-based paint on fabric, 35 x 27 cm. Top left: before restoration, with tiny lacunae (arrows); bottom left: during restoration, with tiny fills; right: full view after restoration 

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