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Painting in Tempera, c. 1900

Painting in Tempera, c. 1900
CHF 80.00
Karoline Beltinger / Jilleen Nadolny (Herausgeberinnen)
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Zürich: SIK-ISEA / London: Archetype Publications
ISBN 978-3-908196-85-3, ISSN 1661-8815; ISBN 978-1-909492-44-8 (Archetype)


Preface by Karoline Beltinger / Jilleen Nadolny, Texts by Karoline Beltinger: The Pereira tempera system, Sandro Baroni / Simona Rinaldi / Maite Rossi: Tempera paints in Italy in the first half of the 20th century, with a special focus on ‘Tempera grassa’ by Maimeri, Patrick Dietemann / Wibke Neugebauer / Ursula Baumer / Irene Fiedler / Cedric Beil / Andrea Obermeier / Stephan Schäfer / Stefan Zumbühl: Analysis of complex tempera binding media combining chromatographic techniques, fluorescent staining for proteins and FTIR-FPAiImaging, Ester S. B. Ferreira / Karin Wyss / Violaine de Villemereuil / Karoline Beltinger / Federica Marone / Nadim C. Scherrer / Stefan Zumbühl: The role of reconstructions in the identification of a wax/resin/gum tempera binder developed by Hermann Urban in 1901 and used by Cuno Amiet in 1902, Kathrin Kinseher: Ernst Berger and his role in the Munich tempera controversy, Wibke Neugebauer: Layered and alla prima: some examples of tempera painting techniques, 1850–1914, Giuseppina Perusini / Teresa Perusini: The use of tempera by painters and restorers in Italy and Latin Europe, c. 1800–1870, Albrecht Pohlmann: Photographic layer and paint layer: approaches to tempera beyond tradition, Albrecht Pohlmann / Kathrin Kinseher / Wibke Neugebauer / Eva Reinkowski-Häfner / Simona Rinaldi: A tabulated listing of industrially produced tempera paints, c. 1900, Eva Reinkowski-Häfner: Tempera: on the history of a technical term; From Wall to Canvas. The role of tempera in the development of mural and easel painting in Germany in the 19thcCentury, Paola Travaglio: Evidence for wax tempera binding media in Italian technical literature of the first half of the 20th century

KUNSTmaterial, Bd. 4, 22 x 28 cm, 262 Seiten, 160 meist farbige Abbildungen, diverse Grafiken, ca. 35 Seiten Tabellen, Kartonband, CHF 80.- / € 80.-, Zürich: SIK-ISEA / London: Archetype Publications, 2016

Buchrezension AIC Journal 2017

Forschungsprojekt Analyse von Temperafarben aus der Zeit um 1900